A new Sweepstake begings!!!

 "November shower of prizes in Butiko Shopping Mall"

Shopping Mall "Butiko" in Radanovići, has started a new Sweepstake - "November shower of prizes in Butiko Shopping Mall", starting on November the 1st , ending on November the 30th 2020.

Taking part in the Sweepstake, customers will have the opportunity to win valuable vouchers to spend in stores located in the Mall itself. The total prize fund will consists of  13 shopping vouchers, each of them worth 50,00€, or 100,00€.

* IDEA shopping voucher 100,00€

* LA MIA CASA shopping voucher  100,00€

* FRATELLI shopping voucher 100€

* CITY MANIA shopping voucher 100€

* CHIC BOUTIQUE shopping voucher 100€

* KIDSLAND shopping voucher 50€

* DAMA shopping voucher 50€

* PENTI shopping voucher 50€

* LADOVINA Kichen & Wine bar voucher 50€

* PLANIKA shopping voucher 50€

* TEHNO PLUS voucher for shopping in Bla bla shop 50€

* BONATTI shopping voucher 50€

* INTERSPORT shopping voucher 50€

       Any citizen who spends 15€ or more, at any of the Butiko’s stores, in the period from 1st to 30th November 2020, gains right to participate in the Sweepstake. All they’ll have to do is to fulfil the following data on the back of the fiscal receipt from the store where they made a purchase: name, surname, address and telephone number. Next step is to drop the fiscal receipt into the boxes positioned at several prominent spots in the central corridor of Butiko Shopping Mall.

       Winners will be drown on December the 4th 2020 at 12:00h at Butiko Shopping Mall. Vouchers are valid through January the 15th 2021.

       Names of the winners will be announced in the daily newspaper "Pobjeda", at the Facebook page of the mall (@colliers.butiko), and its Instagram page (@butikoshoppingcenter), as well as at our official website www.butiko.me