The winners of the prize game have been drawn


with the organization of the company Sun Power doo, for which the consent was issued on 18.06.2020 under no. 02/424 / 20-1274 / 2.
Place of drawing prizes Radanovići, TC Butiko, 19: 00h
Withdrawal method: Random selection from the box provided for the bills

Winner of the first prize: Holiday for two people in Ethno village Nedajno

Smiljka Konatar


Winner of the second prize: Rafting on Tara for two people

Dejan Šuica


Winner of the third prize:  Cruise on Skadar Lake for two people

Marija Đurišić



For our first birthday, SC Butiko gives its visitors a good time, big discounts and many prizes.

In Radanovići, right next to the Adriatic Highway, the Butiko Shopping Center opened its doors a year ago. Thanks to the well-known brands, shops and services it has brought together, Butiko has quickly become a favorite place to locals and residents of the surrounding towns, Budva, Kotor, Tivat and the entire Boka Bay. In addition to its "local" visitors, Butiko often has visitors from all around Montenegro, and many tourists visiting the county.

But the reason people come to spend time with us is not just good shopping. This is exactly what our slogan "the Meeting point" stands for. SC Butiko also often hosts many fun, educational and promotional events, such as children's competitions, parties, creative workshops, etc.

Birthday celebration with great discounts in all stores
After a year of hanging out with its visitors, SC Butiko is preparing an unforgettable celebration of its first birthday. On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, the party will begin with a program for children. Our guests will get many special discounts in all stores located in the center, which include:

KIDS LAND: -20% on the complete range of toys, -10% on equipment, baby program, pharmacy and -20% on Coccodrillo and Cool Club wardrobe for children

Boutique CHIC: - additional 10% discount on already discounted items and new collection

City Bookstore: - 20% on New Book editions

Boutique City Mania: - 40% on the complete range

Intersport CG: - 20% on already reduced footwear and textile items

Penti: - 20% on the complete range

Lady drugstore: -20% on make up products

Boutique Fratteli: - 20% to 50% on the complete range

La Mia Casa: -20% on the complete range

Bla Bla shop: -20% on the complete range

Bonatti: -20% on the new swimsuit collection and up to 50% on tagged items

Planika: -20% to -50% on marked items

IDEA: 20% on the entire purchase (Discount will not apply to promotional items, cigarettes, vouchers, printing and locked prices)

Euromobitel: 15% on mobile equipment and 5% on phones

NewYorker: up to 50% on tagged items

Ladovina Kitchen & Wine bar: 10% on dishes from the restaurant offer

Baby Bistro playroom: second hour for free

Prize game for all customers
The prize game organized by the center for all its customers will start on the same day,
called "Butiko is giving away a dream vacation." Rewards awarded to the luckiest participants also represent our support for the #ljetujdoma campaign.
The prize game will last for one month, and everyone who makes a purchase worth 10 or more Euros in SC Butiko can sign up.
 The game ends on July 24, and winners will be announced the following day for the following prizes:

Holiday trip for two - a five-day vacation in the Ethno village Nedajno (Household Mitrić)

Cruise on Skadar Lake for two people

Tara rafting trip for two people

Children's educational center "Pčelica" will be organizing the “Birthday Games” event at SC Butiko in Radanovići on June 24th 2020, with a very rich program for children and their parents, which will be held from 17.00 to 19.00.

The beginning of the event is planned for 17.00h, when children's puzzle competitions will follow in age categories from 4 years to 12 years. Valuable prizes for the competitors are prepared by our stores: Kids Land, Planika, City Mania, Ladovina, Idea and Farmasi cosmetics. During the event, ladies will have the opportunity to inform themselves on Farmasa cosmetics, get makeup in their corner and have a chance to win one of the several prizes. The event will also include additional performances, recitations and a birthday party with the beautiful voice of Nevena Mrvaljevic.

Applications for the event will be made on the spot from 16: 45-17: 00 until the numbers are filled, but all those who register via the phone call 069407834, via the FB profile (NGO DEC Pcelica) or the Instagram profile (nvodecpcelica) will have an advantage in the competition.


The Butiko Shopping Center is happy to announce the reopening of its doors to all visitors!

We are pleased to inform all our visitors that Shopping Center Butiko starts with
work on Friday, May 15 at 9 am.

The working hours of the shopping center are from 9 am to 10 pm, IDEA Super from
7-22h, Restaurant from 8-24h.

Before starting to work, SC Butiko will carry out disinfection of its entire premises, while all stores will continue to implement all safety precautions regularly according to clearly prescribed measures of the authorities.
In order to protect the health of its visitors, the management of the center has adopted the following measures, in order to make your stay in the center as safe as possible:

● The number of people staying in the center and in the shops at the same time will be controlled, and carrying
masks during your stay in the center and respect for social distance is mandatory.
● Hand sanitizers are located at the entrances to the center
● A high level of hygiene is maintained in every part of the center, especially in the elevator and toilet.
● Labels with information about the number of people who can stay in the shops at the same time are displayed on the window of each individual shop.

We invite our dear visitors to act responsibly and in accordance with the current situation in order to protect themselves
and our loved ones, so that we may overcome this period together as soon as possible.

Dear Visitors,

In accordance with the measures of prevention and protection announced by the Government of Montenegro, with the goal of suppressing and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, SC Butiko will be closed for the following period, starting from Monday, March 16th.

By applying the guidelines advised by all government institutions, we believe that we will contribute to the preservation of health of all citizens.

Facilities that will operate in the center on a regular basis are

IDEA Super,

Apoteka Dama

Ladovina kitchen&wine bar ( for food delivery )


Competition in the most popular PC game Fortnite 1vs1 and 2vs2. Also two of the most famous games on the ps4 console. PES 20 and FIFA 20.For the best player there are also great prizes.

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Rewards for the FIFA and PES 20 tournament will be a PS4 console,and the winners of the Fortnite tournament will get the Aula PC bundle.Besides that the GOAT of the event will be our youtuber @idzo24

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