When we created Dama, we paid special attention to one thing: we wanted to create a place for our dear consumers to find everything they needed for nurturing, beauty and health. And we did! We've made a place that turns shopping into pleasure!

The Dama Drugstore provides a modern concept of a modern drugstore.

We have been thinking about speed and modern way of life, healthy food and nutritional supplements that are indispensable to us, about the care that leads to healthier and better quality life, and of course, the eternal theme of beauty.

We thought about every detail, every brand, every part of our sales space, and made your selection comfortable and simple, because the smile of our customers is our first!

We have created a new sales outlet! The place you will enjoy again; the place you will be returning to.

The concept of CARE, BEAUTY and HEALTH is now in the "Dama" drugstore.

Join us in the mission of making a nicer, healthier and nimbler world. Do not forget to do something nice every day for yourself and your loved ones!

From now on everything will be easier, visit Dama!

Your city. Your Drugstore.

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Tel: +382 20 281 177
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