Our story started in 1950, a tale of two companies that united under one brand, Öğretmen Çorap in 1970. Afterwards came the launch of manufacturing units in Bairampasi, Istanbul and the final phase of our process happened in 1984, when Öğretmen Çorap became Penti.

Through the years we have continued to create through manufacture and retail, expanding our clothing line for women and girls to include men’s socks, sports underwear, as well as an intimate line of products and a line of swimwear.

We currently have a total of 300 retail stores all around Turkey, and an additional 106 stores in 29 countries, and we export to 43 countries. The number of our stores is always increasing and is further expanded with our retail offices in Great Britain, Romania, Ukraine and Spain. We currently offer Penti to people of different nationalities all around the world, especially in the EU, the Balkans, countries of the Commonwealth and in countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa.

These achievements and rate of growth have attracted the attention of foreign investors, which has resulted in a partnership made in 2012 with the Carlyle Group, one of the largest world entrepreneur companies, which represents a turning point towards our goal in creating a world-wide Turkish brand.

Our goal is to continue strengthening our leading position on the sock market and achieve the same leadership in retail stores for intimate and swimwear clothing lines.

Penti is the second largest manufacturer in Europe, as well as the manufacturer of several world-renowned brands.

In recent years, we’ve confirmed our leading position in the manufacturing of socks, swimwear line and intimate underwear. Our goal is to strengthen our position on the international market, as well as promote our new concept Penti Young, whose goal group is children and teenagers.

We are doing our best to keep our leading position on the international market in the world of products that we’ve become recognizable for.


Seeing how we are one of the three leading brands in the manufacture of underwear in Europe, which is a good indicator of our quality, we keep our position on the market.


We wish to be a source of trust, admiration and happiness to our customers. With our products, we enrich the lives of ladies, making it more beautiful and adapting our products so they would feel special. We wish to exceed the expectations of our clients.
Our customers continue to state that Penti is the brand made just for them.

Contact: +382 20 281 177

Website: www.dama.me