Our cultural and publishing venture is called “Your New Book”

With our professionalism and consistency in choosing which books we publish, as well as respect to our authors and readers, we aim to create a good measure in connecting the elite with the commercial.

We’ve been doing business on the Montenegrin market since 1994. Since our founding we’ve been improving the Montenegrin market with quality service and by nourishing modern global business principles. Since then we’ve become famous for our professionalism, efficiency and effectivity.

The Mercator-CG Company, as one of the largest leading supermarket chains has an important position on the Montenegrin market, and has achieved positive results for years.

In 111 supermarkets in 17 Montenegrin municipalities we employ over 1.500 people, which makes us one of the largest employers in Montenegro. In 2016 Mercator-CG introduced the new IDEA brand to the Montenegrin market, focusing on providing fresh products, a pleasant atmosphere and polite and efficient service.