We’ve been doing business on the Montenegrin market since 1994. Since our founding we’ve been improving the Montenegrin market with quality service and by nourishing modern global business principles. Since then we’ve become famous for our professionalism, efficiency and effectivity.

Starting as a wholesale company, as time passed we’ve grown and continued to improve our business, making BAR-KOD synonymous for active distribution. By carefully following the constantly changing market trends we’ve regularly updated our selection of products, so that our current assortment consists of cosmetics, decorations, perfumes, cleaning products, cigarettes, cigars, food products and mobile phone vouchers.

Our company activities are divided into three segments. Apart from distribution, we also operate in retail through two companies: BAR KOD SHOP which operates as a chain of exclusive perfume brands and TOBACCO SHOP which represents a network of kiosks and retail stores specializing in selling newspapers, tobacco products, vouchers for mobile phones and other goods. Our success is further supported with over 2000 satisfied business partners, as well as many official accolades.

Based on research conducted by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic development BAR-KOD was declared one of the top three most profitable companies in Montenegro in 2001. (www.visit-ceed.org). We received recognition from the Montenegrin Business Alliance as one of the top three most successful companies in 2003 (www.visit-mba.org). Based on research conducted by MASS MEDIA International we were declared a Business partner in 2004 (www.bpartner.co.rs).

Since 2015 BAR KOD has implemented the international system for risk analysis and food safety control HACCP.

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